SocialSelfies® Roadmap

Socially Driven - Digitally Creative

SocialSelfies® is a unique social experience which allows for creating, sharing, and interacting with NFTs in ways never before possible. Connect with friends and others in the NFT community and be rewarded for being an early adopter!

COMPLETE - Stage 1

Build website, iOS app, Android app to enable users to upload images, manipulate them, apply AI filters, and mint the resulting image as an NFT on Ethereum. Ability to download it, and share it.

ALMOST COMPLETE - Stage 2 - May 2023

Add social networking functions. Think Instagram for NFTs but with extra NFT stuff! Ability to import NFTs from external sources into your account to share through SocialSelfies and interact with them. Multi-chain functionality, so you can choose which blockchain to mint your NFT to. We only support Ethereum. XRP is next. Ability to sell created, and imported NFTs.

Stage 3 - May 2024

Release of new filters and live tracking to rival the current market competitors!

Stage 4 - May 2025

Support for 3D avatar generation/creation. Avatar styling.

Stage 5 - May 2026

Metaverse - Full character immersion, interaction, buy plots of land that lay over the real world, teleport between lands, social metaverse mini-apps (restaurants, cafes, sports etc).

Stage 6 - Into the future...

AI SocialSelfies. Personality training. Augmented Reality over owned land.